Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walking Dead: Michonne Walks with the Herd

OK - this is the last Walking Dead posting for a bit. What can I say. Love the comic! Love the TV show! Love the toys!

This diorama is Michonne simply walking with a herd of zombies, aided by her camouflage, otherwise known as her pets (boyfriend and his friend). Covered in her blood soaked poncho and walking with her pets, Michonne makes her way around the zombie apocalypse unnoticed by the hoards of living dead.

I used both the color version and black and white versions.

Walking Dead: SDCC Michonne

OK - just a quick photo of the San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusive of Michonne. This figure came with a yellow poncho.

Walking Dead: Rick and Shane

Love him or hate him, Shane was definitely a polarizing figure in the Walking Dead TV show. He didn't last as long in the comic books, but he lasted until the end of Season 2 in the TV series. Personally, I liked his character in the TV show. Hard times create hard people. Sometimes the group needed some of Shane's wisdom instead of Rick's, in my opinion.

Anyway, I thought I would honor the two "friends" as they take on a herd of zombies. Wonder if McFarlane will produce a Shane, Rick, Lori three pack. It can be the love triangle set.

OK, back to being more serious...Rick and Shane...

Walking Dead - The Dixon Brothers

Not appearing in the comics, The Dixon brothers (Merle and Daryl) have been fan favorites from the start when it comes to the record setting television show.

Merle comes with his "knife hand", courtesy of Rick and T-Dog leaving him on the Atlanta rooftop in Season 1....can't say he didn't deserve it. Daryl comes with his trusty crossbow. I wonder if crossbow sales have gone up since Walking Dead came out on TV?

Anyway, the Dixon brothers can hand out plenty of grief to the zombies.

Walking Dead - Fighting the Herd

FINALLY! Had a chance to get the entire collection together - McFarlane Walking Dead TV Series 1,2, and 3, and Comic Series 1, and a few of the Black & White Multipacks to put together an epic fight between living and dead. Can't wait for the Series 2 Comic set coming in June, and Series 4 TV set coming in October, and sure as hell can't wait until they announce additional series.

So this one has Merle, Daryl, Shane, Rick, and Michonne. And yes, I used both TV versions of Rick,just so I can have more good guys. They can use them.

I need to figure out a way to build a scale prison. Any suggestions?

Marvel Legends SHIELD Agents

Marvel Legends released several awesome SHIELD agents in the last few years, primarily as Toys R Us exclusive two packs, including Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Sharon Carter and Maria Hill. Almost all of them came with an alternate head, so one could literally create a nice big team of SHIELD agents. Think I also used an Elektra head (black long hair) for the last photo, adding more variety.

Women of HALO

Though I am not a big follower of HALO, I think the McFarlane figures are outstanding. I collected a few of the female figures and the all terrain vehicle.

The blue figures are of Kat, one of the primary characters.

The pink figures are basic air assault soldiers.

The white figure is Kelly who comes in the Target exclusive three pack.

The helmeted and non-helmeted DARE figures are in the vehicle, driving and manning the cannon.

I inserted Cortana at the last minute.

You want these tough women on your side in any intergalactic fight.

Lord of the Rings: Faramir's Charge

There was something haunting about Faramir and his soldiers riding out of Minus Tirith, valiantly galloping across the Pelennor Fields and riding right into the orc hoards waiting for them in the rubble of Osgiliath. A suicide mission from the start, it didn't end well.

This is another diorama I've been wanting to do for a long time. I took several of the horses and put Faramir and Gondor armored soldiers on them. They didn't quite fit well because of the armor around the hips and legs. It was good enough. Then I added the rubble from styrofoam blocks and inserted assorted orcs, goblins and Uruk-hai. Wish I had more bad guys with bows and arrows and crossbows since that is what took down Faramir and company from long range. Would like to think at least a few got close and there was some close quarters combat.

World War Z Playset: The Raj Singh or Reinforced Square

I am a big fan of the book World War Z. Can't wait until the movie comes out. Looking forward to the action figures. In the meantime, I combined about 8 packs of the Gentle Giant Walking Dead zombie army figures along with two boxes of modern Marines from Armies in Plastic (www.armiesinplastic.com).

The Reinforced Square (RS) tactic is mentioned by Todd Waino as one of the most effective methods to dispatch the zombie hordes as the military takes back the United States. Todd also calls it the Raj Singh (RS) in honor of the Indian general who leads the fight against the zombie plague in India.

Hoping Gentle Giant makes more Walking Dead plastic "army" guys. A World War Z playset by any manufacturer would be pretty cool too.