Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cotswold's Elite Brigade

Hasbro brought back GI Joe in the Mid-90s with its 12 inch Real American Hero recreation and its Classic Collection. With its popularity, other companies jumped into the fray, and thank goodness. Cotswold Collectibles had been keeping the hobby going for awhile -starting by selling vintage Action Man figures around 1989. Check out their history. They sold plenty of custom equipment (weapons and supplies) and also came out with their own line of figures called the Elite Brigade

What was great about Cotswold is they made figures from obscure battlefields, and paid homage to the soldiers who fought those battles.  Two in particular stood out to me right away since I was in the Army at the time - Grenada and Panama.

PANAMA - 1989 - 7th Infantry Division

7th Infantry Division patch - is on sideways.

Marine - Modern Dress

Army Ranger Medic (I lost his medic bags - he came with two)

Grenada - 1983

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Funko DC Primal Age

There was something about the design and artwork that really appealed to me about these figures. I passed by them several times, but then I saw the Castle Greyskull type playset and the Aquaman really resonated - he looked like something out of a He-Man story line with his beard.

Here is a great write up about the Primal Age Batcave Playset by Action Figure Barbecue!

So I thought, why not? It's not like Hasbro is giving me more Star Wars. Let me try something new and different.

Like most collections, it started with one or two. I first snagged Wonder Woman and Scarecrow. I previously saw Aqua Man and Mr. Freeze but they were gone by the time I went back. So I started with two. Then I finally found Batman and Ace the Bathound. Then I managed to find Aqua Man and Mister Freeze again along with Green Lantern. I have yet to find a Joker or King Shark.

There is also a translucent Mister Freeze from New York Comic Con last fall. Series 2 includes Superman, Bizarro, Lex Luther, Flash, Black Manta and Krypto Superdog.

These are a lot of fun.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Late New Years Resolutions but in Time for Toy Fair

I was going to post this tomorrow but since things are leaking out, I figured I'd get ahead of the curve.


I meant to do this at the start of the new year, but never had time to collect my thoughts and write them down. Now with Toy Fair just days away, I figured I’d post my resolutions – or rather, what I think the companies out there should resolve to do in 2019.

Knocked it out of the park with Fortnite figures. Even though I don’t play the game, they came out with a nice first series of 13 figures that blend in well with GI Joe style figures. Resolution – please give us Series 2 and 3.

Work with Target and Walmart to fix your distribution issues.
Keep going with the Black Series – make as many releases like Wave 19. That was beautiful.
More aliens from Solo movie
Disown the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon – a public apology might be nice
Stop the Midnight Madness – no one cares anymore, and show some stuff during Toy Fair. Waiting for SDCC is ridiculous. No one cares about secrecy anymore.
Have a great lineup for Epsiode 9
A 6 inch scale Indiana Jones line
6 inch scale Black Series for GI Joe – it’s long overdue, and regardless how militant the 3-3/4’ collectors are – everything has been done and the line needs some energy injected into it
Marvel Legends – finish the original Alpha Flight team – really, that’s all I want. Marvel Legends rocks. A few more Netflix Daredevil figures would be great while you’re at it.

Keep up the great work with the Jurassic Park line. Maybe a few more human figures and stop short packing them. Thanks!

Bring back 5 inch Walking Dead line.
Do a 5 inch Fear the Walking Dead line.  That ship has sailed but there are a few great characters.
Keep doing Stranger Things figures. Nancy and Jonathan please.
If you’re going to do Game of Thrones, please release more than Series 1.
Do your WW2 McFarlane Military figures.
Stop the NFL repaints of the same figures. At least do different players, I don’t care if it is the same mold.

More Marines from Aliens – which means the actors need to resolve to release their likenesses.
The rest of the soldiers from the original Predator – ditto above.

Bring back Walking Dead mini-figures. Need Negan and his crew. And now we have Whisperers.
More 3-3/4 scale Game of Thrones figures – so much potential.

Figures from the Dark Crystal series
Finish the Goonies and Star Trek
Original Battlestar Galactica figures
Red Dawn figures (Original Red Dawn)
Friends  - the tv show

Chicken Fried Toys
Finally release your Dime Novel Legends figures – Kickstarter ended in 2016. I know we are close. Just want my western figures.

Release Series 3 and 4 of Heroes – or place these in Blake Wright’s Toys That Time Forgot Volume 3

6 inch scale Indiana Jones line
Someone finish releasing the Bridge Direct Hobbit figures
Someone good with a 3D printer make more GI Joe Combat Heroes
Finish Palisades Muppets and Sesame Street line

Disney Tinkerbell and her buddies


More Dino Wranglers from the Corps line

Four Horsemen – don’t change. Keep doing your wonderful stuff. And when is the Mythic Legion Space series coming?

Playmobil – keep doing what you are doing or try a few more licenses – Star Wars?

Toys R Us – come back but make sure your previous owners and investors are in jail

Target and Walmart 
Fix your distribution as well as fill in the empty spaces of your toy aisle
Restock after Christmas – geez, you’re starting to look like KMart

Walgreens – keep doing Walking Dead figures – thank you!

Playset Magazine – thank you for continuing to do print. Love it!

Fellow Bloggers – keep doing what you are doing. Even though technology changes the audience and channel, and even if I don’t always comment, I love seeing what everyone is up to.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Walking Dead is Back - with Wine

So the midseason premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead started last night. It was pretty darn good. The Whisperers make their entry at the cliffhanger in the first half of the season and now they are a main part of the upcoming story.

I wish that McFarlane would have continued to make the figures, but alas, they did not. So now I have to collect Walking Dead Wine. Are you serious, you ask? Yes I am. I haven't been down the wine and beer aisle of the grocery store in years, but we had company during the holidays so I thought I'd pick up some adult beverages. Lo and behold, I found the two red wines - the one with Rick and the one with the Zombie. It took awhile to find the two white wines with Michonne and Glen.

I haven't tried the app yet. May do that tonight.