Sunday, April 30, 2017

Marvel Legends X-Men Series 2

Hasbro has delivered plenty of Iron Men, Spider-Men, and Captain Americas over the last few years. Why? Cause that's what moms know from the movies and what they buy their kids when they're being hassled near the toy aisle. We've had some great X-Men movies during the last few years but no toys from them. Obviously, the characters and styles were different than the comic book versions, but X-Men toys have been lacking.

Hasbro made up for that last year by releasing one of the greatest series ever - The 2016 X-Men set which included Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Iceman, Havok, Deadpool, Cable and Wolverine. Grand. Slam. Obviously, the success of the Deadpool movie helped make Deadpool one of the hardest figures to find in this set. And the Build-A-Figure? Juggernaut. A very big, bad Juggernaut.

So this year's follow up is equally awesome. Capitalizing on the "Logan" movie, this set has Old Man Logan, as well as Polaris, Dazzler, Cyclops, Shatterstar, Sunfire and Colossus. Nice to get Polaris to team up with Havok. Also, the first appearance disco Dazzler has been on many a fan's want list for a long time. Well done Hasbro. Sunfire might just complete the New X-Men team if you use Warpath for Thunderbird.

And oh yeah, a Warlock Build-A-Figure. 

Almost forgot. Now if Hasbro can finish off some of the original New Mutants, that would be great. Where o' where is Dani Moonstar?

All in all, a great lineup. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ultimate Soldier 1/6 Little Bird Attack Helicopter

As I was searching through old photos, I came across this photo I took in my backyard when I lived in the great southwest. It is the Ultimate Soldier 1/6 scale Little Bird attack helicopter and the GI Joe Classic Collection female helicopter pilot, one of my favorite figures of all time.

Some packaged and stock photos from the good old internet.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

UTB 1 - Kenner Indiana Jones

So this is the first installment of a regular post I want to present. I will pick a toy line, reminisce about it's pieces, and then cry about what wasn't made. Then I need your help. Did I get it right? What would you add? Remove?

I know that companies need to make a profit to continue a line or to even stay in business. Money needs to be spent on design, prototyping, marketing, sales, engineering, accountants, etc. As rabid as we toy collectors are, companies can't make everything we want. Actual sales may not warrant it. We run into this all the time - just check out any action figure forum. Business is business.

But let's thank those brave companies who at least tried to give us some love to our pop culture cravings in the form of toys.

With that, I'll start with Indiana Jones.

In it's initial lineup we had Indiana Jones, Sallah, Marion, Toth, Belloq, Cairo Swordsman, Indy in German uniform, and German Mechanic, We also saw Ceremonial Robes Bellow which was a mail in exclusive, the Monkey Man which came with the Streets of Cairo playset, and Indy in Arab attire with the Maproom playset. Playsets included Well of Souls, Truck and Horse set.

So if the line continued, what else would we have wanted from the Raiders of the Lost Ark from Kenner?

Here is my list.

Idol Playset
Belloq in Adventurer Gear
Nepalese Thugs
Marion's Bar Playset - how fun would that be?
Flying Wing
Captain Katanga
Ark Opening Stage Playset

What would you add?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walking Dead Board Game - Kickstarter

Another great Kickstarter to get you Walking Dead fans fired up. While I wish the figures were to standard 54mm scale, these are pretty darn good.

Walking Dead All Out War Miniatures Game

Monday, April 24, 2017


Fun stuff from Super7.