Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elf Archers - World of Warcraft

Haven't converted this into a puzzle yet, but I took a Sylvanus Windrunner figure as the team leader on the left, and several Alethena Moonbreeze figures as the archer line. The detail on these World of Warcraft figures are amazing.

Victory in the Pacific

One of my favorites. This collection of Pacific Marines during WWII shows them displaying their war trophies after a battle. The diorama includes marines from Hasbro, 21st Century and Dragon. Had several Elite Brigade Japanese soldiers during the photo shoot. Will have to dig those photos up. It was quite the battle in the tall grass.

X-Men vs. Sentinels 2

Just another angle of one of the original dioramas I did. Several Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure (BAF) Sentinels attempting to annihilate the original X-Men, which came from a box set from ToyBiz. Now that's a set I would like to see in the Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends line. Also, I like the Legends BAF SEntinel a lot better than the Marvel Universe one which was recently released.

Little Green Army Men - Aliens Style

The plastic playset is still around, regardless of all the articulated, detailed toys that come out today. Check out and and you will see this hobby is alive and well. Also check out,, and for the newest playsets hitting the streets.

Anyway, a company called Treehouse released plastic aliens and Colonial Marines between 2003 and 2005. There was a playset, and Swarm Packs. The buyer didn't know what was in the swarm packs, but they included aliens, marines, eggs, and storage boxes. I bought a few dozen swarm packs, put in a McFarlane Alien Queen from AVP, and here is the battle! The queen is not in this photo. Also, the variant figure in these swarm pack was a white/translucent alien, displayed here in the top middle.

GI Joe Combat Heroes Collection

An army of Cobra troopers and all the Combat Heroes from Real American Hero and Rise of Cobra, including the rare Series 3 from each line. The Series 3 RAH was only released in Canada.

Bummed this line stagnated. Had potential for so many more. Target had some exclusive Battle Packs lined up that included Stalker, Wild Bill, and Tomax and Xomat. Have seen a lot of customs on the forums.

Just off the top of my head would loved to have seen Doc, Snow Job, Airborne, Air Tight, Tunnel Rat, Tripwire, Iceberg, Alpine, the original 8 in their green fatigues, red ninjas, Cover Girl, Mutt and Junkyard, Recondo, Spirit, and Croc Master.

Vehicle sets would have been great as well as the Star Wars Galactic Heroes cinema scenes had plenty.

Medal of Honor Winner - Roy Benavidez

Built this diorama out of a Roy Benavidez - Medal of Honor winner GI Joe from Hasbro, and four North Vietnamese soldiers from 21st Century Toys.