Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner TIE Fighter Pilot

It's been awhile since Gentle Giant has released a 12 inch jumbo Star Wars figure. It seems the preorders go up a year ahead of time, and then the wait just drags on. Then 3-4 get released at once and our wallets get hit hard.

Anyway, GG just released the TIE Fighter Pilot and Bespin Luke. Here are some photos of the TIE Fighter Pilot.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Battlestar Galactica Vintage 8 Inch Mego Style

Earlier, I had posted the tin (lunch) box set with Boxey, Muffy, and the 6 eye chick. Here are some displayed photos of Athena, Lucifer and Cylon Warriors.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Super7 Alien Egg Chamber Playset

Super7/Funko have taken us down memory autobahn with their ReAction figure line. The first set announced and released about a year ago was the Alien figures which were originally prototypes Kenner had made in the late 70s. With the success of their Star Wars line, Kenner wanted to capitalize on another space movie - even if it was a rated R space horror movie.

An 18 inch Alien toy made it to toy shelves and was quickly pulled. The 3-3/4" figures never made it to production.

Super7 recreated these last year, announced and released several awesome lines of figures, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now for the Egg Chamber playset. It was announced as a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive, with only 250 being made. Collectors were not happy. Several spirited debates occurred on the collectors' forums. Brian Flynn, owner of Super7, promised to make it right. Collectors could preorder a new set (black box instead of original light blue box) through the end of SDCC. Depending on the numbers ordered, they would either be cast in resin or injected molded plastic. The numbers eventually warranted the injection molding. Score! I would have taken either regardless.

After months of waiting, the set arrived yesterday. It was worth it. The base looks just like something Kenner would make....reminds me of the Land of Jawas playset with plastic base and cardboard background.  Even the cardboard shipping box has Alien artwork on it.

With the Egg Chamber playset and the upcoming Jaws great white shark, wondering if more playsets are in the future. All I want is an Aliens APC.  :-)

Seriously though....Brian, thanks for listening to fans and making this right. Well done!

The screaming girl is absolutely classic!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Funko Walking Dead Minifigs - Series 3

Funko has released their third series of the 2 inch tall Walking Dead figures. These things are awesome. Series 1 and 2 had mostly zombies and a few character figures - Rick, Carl, Daryl, Merle, Michonne and Governor. Series 3 has a great set of characters including Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Hershel, another Rick, and a third Daryl including a motorcycle.

I really like the style of these figures and as the cast grows, they are a lot of fun to put together into larger scenes.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

BIF BANG POW Battlestar Galactica 8 Inch 2013 SDCC Retro Tin Tote

The original Battlestar Galactica television show was great in that it allowed kids at the time to experience space fantasy, in the time before VHS and Beta tapes, and especially after Star Wars. The uniforms were cool. The space ships were cool. The bad guys (Cylons) were bad ass.

I remember my mom taking my brother and I and some friends to see the motion picture when it first came out. All I remember is how loud the speakers were, and the Ovions, because one of the guys with us told the girls who were with us, "don't let the Ovions bite" when we dropped them off after the movie.

Anyway, I have been looking for good deals on the BBP Battlestar Galactica figures. I managed to grab this tin tote collector's set for about $10. It comes with the weird 4-eye, 2 mouth singer, Boxey, and Muffit, the daggit. It's odd that Muffit, the "dog" comes standing up. But the weird singer chick is classic.

The tin tote has some great illustrations around it as well.