Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Original 1982 GI Joe - A Real American Hero Line Up Peghead Wooden People

I've been toying around with making these wooden peghead characters the last few weeks. I made some X-Men and Ferris Bueller figures, and then the Halloween 31 Day challenge. But I really wanted to do the original GI Joe lineup from 1982.

Included in this set is Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Short Fuze, Stalker, Zap, Grunt, Breaker, Flash, Rock n Roll, Steeler, Clutch, Grand Slam, Hawk, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper, and Cobra Officer. 

I am still a novice and learning best practices. I'll definitely be making more Joes and looking into making vehicles from wood.

The funny thing is - Snake Eyes is simply a black painted peg. I haven't purchased a grey marker yet to do any detailing on him. Not confident with a small brush yet. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Marvel Legends - She Hulk (Green) - Unpackaged

Hasbro gave us this version of She Hulk in grey about a year ago. Here are the unpackaged photos of an amazing figure. Love both head sculpts.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Marvel Legends Retro Collection

As I mentioned yesterday, I love collecting these. Here is the full collection so far. What's been nice is the lack of exclusives. I'm sure that will change eventually. While I've purchased most online, I've found at least out in the wild.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Marvel Legends Retro - Wave 4

I'm starting to like these more than the larger Marvel Legends figures. Something about their simplicity and the lack of articulation allows them to easily stand. I can't believe how much time I waste trying to stand up a super articulated figure just trying to photograph them. Love these things. We get a good assortment with Black Symbiote Spiderman, Stealth Iron Man, Loki, Storm, Silver Surfer, and US Agent.