Thursday, February 24, 2011

DC Blackest Night

I've never been a big fan of DC comics, but their Blackest Night story was pretty cool...dead heroes and villians rise from their graves and chaos ensues. It was a great series.

Enter DC Direct's awesome lineup of DC Blackest Night figures. So far 8 series have been released. The Brightest Night follow up figures are on their way.

This photo puzzle includes the dead guys and gals (Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Batman, Superman, Deadman, Terra, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Blackhand. Live heroes and villians include Atroticus, Indigo, Mera, Star Sapphire, Kryb, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Flash, Blue Atom, San Diego Comic Con exclusive White Lantern Sinestro, Arisia, as well as Green lantern figures Karu-Sil and Katha Tui, and Boodika.

All puzzles were ordered through

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