Monday, April 21, 2014

The League Asks - What is your super power?

What is your superpower?

I guess my power would be Toy Smuggler. What does that mean? I can get toys into the house for my daughter without her seeing it all the time.

Since I am a toy collector, I have sometimes a completest for my daughter’s collection. She is 9 and loves LEGO Friends and Monster High dolls. Anytime I am at the store, I scan the aisles for anything new and buy them. Of course, I don’t want to spoil her and just hand out toys all the time, so I buy them for future special occasions. I can get these into the house and hide them without her knowledge.
Of course, my grandiose plans came to an epic crash a few weeks ago, when my wife asked me to “clean out” the basement closet to make room for other stuff. Inside the closet were several Monster High dolls and LEGO Friends sets, along with some Beanie Boos. I cleaned out the closet while my wife and daughter were attending a cousin’s talent show.

Instead of hiding them again, I just displayed the Monster High dolls on the guest room shelf. I wondered how long it would take her to notice. She doesn't play with Monster High anymore so I figured they could stay there, mint in package. That didn't last long. She wanted to open them all, but so far it’s only been three.

I still hid the LEGO Friends sets.

The two Beanie Boo owls were placed high up on her stuffed animal shelf. Same deal. I wondered how long it would take her to notice. About 4 days. Not bad.

Anyway, sneaking in toys for my daughter has become a super power. How did I get so good? Years of sneaking my own toys in of course. Now where do I hide that 40 inch Godzilla?



  1. she will regret she didn't keep those great Monster High dolls in their boxes. All mine are mint in box with all their little accessories.

    1. Hello Kal - the good thing is, after opening 3 she kind of lost interest so hopefully the rest will stay in their packages for awhile.

  2. Hiding toys from a 9 years old little girl? THAT is a super power!!

    1. I am always amazed at what a sharp eye she has when something is brought into the house and put aside. Not even deliberately. Hawk eyes!