Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pop Culture League: There's a Sale at Penney's

It's been awhile since I joined in on the PCL blog posts. Hope to be back in the swing of things more regularly now.

Anyway - this week's assignment is: "There's a sale at Penneys. What was one of your greatest deals?"

The only "deal" I could remember as a kid was getting an out of package 12 inch Kenner Chewbacca at Goldblatt's, in the Chicagoland area. Think my dad paid $3 for it and it was complete.

However, a friend sent me this 1983 JC Penney catalog as a gag gift a few years ago. I dig it out every Christmas to see what would be cool to get.

Ah, the fashions of the early 80s!

Lots of Smurf merchandising!

Cabbage Patch Kids - Spawns of the devil!

Who had one of these?

Anyone need an order form?

Barbie and Ken at McDonalds.

Prince Charles and Lady Di!

Fisher Price Little People sets still rock!

I want that GI Joe ride!

Space and Castle LEGOs.

Hand held arcade games! 

Phones and typewriters - kids today have no clue.

Nice form kid.

And now the cool toys! Did you have any of these?


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  1. Aw man, that was a magical time. The Christmas catalogs were our Amazon.com back in the day.

    1. Best time of year when those catalogs arrived in the mail. You know what I noticed in the Toys R Us and Target catalogs these days? Very few toys that are "violent" - like Star Wars or GI Joe. They may show one or two but not like the dioramas they did in the past. Don't want to offend anyone with toy weapons.

  2. Wow- even has all the extra ammo in the bandolier!

    I think I remember that very catalogue-

  3. So much great stuff! I love the Blackstar Heman section

    1. Sometime technology stinks. Would love to get a catalog like that today.

  4. Good stuff! Love seeing old catalogs with toys in them. Thanks for sharing.