Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marvel Legends Character Ensemble

Using about 50 of the current figures (2006) along with four Build-A-Figure (BAF) Sentinels and one BAF Apocalypse, the arrangement was a standard cast of characters set up on the marble counter with a background painting I had done for another project. Using a few pieces of thin lumber to build some stairs so more figures could be visible, it was all a matter of standing up the figures. I tried to put some humorous actions into the photo. Iceman and the Human Torch with their arms around each other. Nightcrawler hanging off a sentinels head. Spiderman sitting on the shoulders of a Sentinel. Black Widow sitting on Ghost Riders lap on his motorcycle. Overall, a fun first project. Grabbed a few old ToyBiz figures as well who had not been done in the Marvel Legends line for some added fun.

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