Tuesday, August 6, 2013

League Assignment: What a Nightmare!

What a nightmare! 

Stolen! When I was 10. That's a nightmare.

We owned some property with 14 other families that we would all go to on the weekends...about 35 acres which had lakes, barns, treeforts, barns and large storage sheds. Plenty of places to misplace this case. I know it wasn't one of the kids from the other families, but we all brought friends to the place and I always had a suspect.

For years, I thought they may not be stolen, but that I misplaced them. I would go looking all over. Never found it. 

Fairly easy to replace these days if not mint, but for a 10 year old boy, disastrous nightmare.

Goodwill Geek gave me the creeps with his movie list.

Chris and his Red Ants

I see tanks says Ashley. I totally get this as my parents came from the Eastern Bloc and told me how real this could be (Hungary 1956). 

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