Tuesday, July 30, 2013

League Assignment - I Have a Dream...

I have a Dream…

Where one day I can display all my collections (and maybe yours too) at an action figure and toy museum.

While there are toy museums, here and there, there are few that focus on action figures. The Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum (http://toyandtrain.com/) in Wheeling, West Virginia is pretty awesome but doesn’t adequately pay tribute to action figures. I mean, there is only one case of Star Wars figures. There should be a freakin’ room for Star Wars.

The Marx Museum (http://www.marxtoymuseum.com/) is pretty cool as well, but obviously only focused on Marx Toys. There is only one action figure museum, the Toy and Action Figure Museum http://www.actionfiguremuseum.com/site/ I discovered and it is in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, somewhere between Oklahoma City and Dallas, TX. It looks cool, and glad someone had the cojanes to build it.

My dream is to build it in a resort/tourist area – Florida, DC, Boulder, CO where there are a lot of kids, or people who fondly remember their childhoods. When people need a break from the beach or the weather isn’t cooperating, they can take their kids to the action figure museum.

While it would have endless cases of figures, I also intend to have large dioramas.

GI Joe – 12 inch and Real American Hero

Star Wars – vintage, modern, 12 inch

Marx, Conte, Barzso playsets

McFarlane NFL and NBA

McFarlane MLB and NHL

McFarlane Military

McFarlane General

NECA/McFarlane – Aliens, Predator

Gears of War

Mezco Heroes

Gentle Giant Jumbo Star Wars


Lord of the Rings

Galactic Heroes

Combat Heroes Combat Heroes

Superhero squad

1:18 Scale Military – 21st Century, BBI, Bravo Team

Walking Dead


Marvel Legends and Univese:

Marvel Icons

Shogun Warriors

SLUG Zombies

Indiana Jones



DC Universe

World of Warcraft

GI Joe USS Flagg

Gears of War

Walking Dead

Marvel Legends vs Sentinels


1/6 D-Day

NECA “300” 300

Behind the Scenes
How an action figure gets from concept to market.
Customizers Corner
Packaging Art
Books and Magazines

But it’s not just a dream. I’ve been researching commercial real estate, museum display cases, museum builders, and funding (my own, donations, corporate donations, Kickstarters).

I’m in my early 40s and was in fantastic shape, until my heart short circuited four months ago. So now I have a pacemaker. Why do I say that? You only live once…or in my case, I got a second chance. Go make your dreams happen.

Other Dreams include:


  1. I fully endorse this dream, and wish you the best of luck with it! I fully hope to see your Star Wars room one day.

    Speaking of which; Jawas make a discovery is very funny!

  2. Thanks Joe! Will keep you all posted. Now if only my wife would think it's a great idea.

  3. Fantastic idea! Let me know if I can help in any way--this needs to become a reality!

  4. It's not impossible. You make more than good enough dioaramas for museums. All you need is an angle at one of the toy museums. Chances are they have revolving exhibitions. Just contact them, and hear if they're interested. I did just that: contacted my local toy museum, and ended up making an exhibition that stood for two years. Great fun, but also lot of work for no pay, and barely any recognition. But at least the kids got to see awesome toys.