Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy New Year and LOEB Obsessions

Yes - I know it is mid-March but for most of the country, the weather is reminiscent of New Year's Day. Plus, I have been on my ass when it comes to posting. The holidays were brutally busy - all for good reasons - but busy nonetheless. Lots of traveling. When all that was done, I took a deep breath, tired from all the activities, and didn't do anything with my blog. Been wanting too, but procrastinating nonetheless.

So here we are - thanks to Brian at Cool and Collected and the rest of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers - I have managed been re-energized.

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My latest obsession is.....The Muppets.

While I have a lot of obsessions when it comes to toy collecting, right now I am obsessed with the story of the Muppets - and Jim Henson. I always loved the Muppets as a kid. I loved the Palisades Muppet action figures though I didn't buy any when they were at retail. I loved the movies - my daughter and I watch the Muppet Christmas Carol at least three times during Christmas - we are anxiously awaiting Muppets Most Wanted, and I started reading a biography on Jim Henson last week that is very fascinating.

So let's start with the Palisades action figures which were sold between 2002-2005. Liked the look of them just never bought them. I procrastinated buying any via ebay for a long time, but finally caved. So far I have series 1 and 2 and the Lab, Pigs in Space, and Electric Mayhem band playsets. And Janice from Series 6 since I wanted to complete the band. It will be awhile before I complete this collection - completing may be a bridge too far, but I will try. The holy grail in this set is the backstage playset with Rowlf the dog, which usually starts around $900 on Ebay.

Since my daughter is a big fan, I purchased us the Muppet Encyclopedia from DK. It tells the story of almost every Muppet ever created and which movie/show they were in.

Finally, I purchased the Jim Henson Biography by Brian Jay Jones. It is 500 pages long and extremely detailed. Henson's journey is very fascinating. I am only on page 186 around the time Sesame Street started. The interesting part of his early journey is that he wanted to be in television....somehow, anyhow...since it was a new medium. He saw an advertisement looking for teenagers to be puppeteers for a television show. He studied every book at the library and did a crash course on puppetry for a week and got the part. Since television was a new medium, content was still developing. He got his Muppets onto primetime for 5 minute blocks and lots of commercials.

It was also amazing that he wanted to get out of puppetry and go into set and stage design - but the Muppets were so successful, it was hard to walk away. Makes you wonder how many of us are in careers that we fell into, not necessarily part of the plan.

But herein lies the secret to success...why do adults love the Muppets? It's never been just about the kids. Jim Henson loved chaotic and crazy antics. Muppets were always exploding and screaming - not docile the whole time. Everyone loved them - and loves them to this day.

So my latest obsession - Muppets and their history. And if anyone has some Palisades Muppets they want to get rid of, let me know.

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  1. I hit on the Muppets in my League post too, but it was for a specific commercial and my love of Pepe.

  2. Awesome toys! Loved the muppets as a kid. Muppet babies was so good ;)