Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Star Tots - Power of the Force - Germany SW Celebration 2013

So if you thought the first three sets of Star Tots was it, like me, you were wrong. As I was searching for Star Tots on Ebay, I came across a rare Yak Face Star Tot. Hmmm. Where did that come from? At that time, a Return of the Jedi set had not been done (done in SW Celebration 2017). I searched for more Return of the Jedi figures and found nothing.

Then a few weeks later, a Barada popped up on Ebay and was labeled with "Germany Celebration." A little more digging, and I discovered the very rare set of Power of the Force Star Tots from the Germany celebration in 2013.

Continued searching on Ebay yielded nothing. Only the Yak Face from time to time.  I posted on the Rebelscum wanted board to see if anyone had the whole set. Luckily, a fellow Scummer had a set and was willing to sell.

So this is the Power of the Force set from Germany, and once again, fun and cool card art by Jason Peltz.

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