Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Toy Industry Resolutions - How Did We Do?

So Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Before we start 2020, let's take a look back at how my wishes for the toy industry resolutions went. In three words - not so good. But expectations were too high anyway.

2019 Resolutions

• Knocked it out of the park with Fortnite figures. Even though I don’t play the game, they came out with a nice first series of 13 figures that blend in well with GI Joe style figures. Resolution – please give us Series 2 and 3.  WE GOT SERIES 2 and 3 and they rock.

• Work with Target and Walmart to fix your distribution issues. - Didn't happen.
• Keep going with the Black Series – make as many releases like Wave 19. That was beautiful. - Decent but nothing much for Rise of Skywalker.
• More aliens from Solo movie - nope
• Disown the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon – a public apology might be nice - of course not
• Stop the Midnight Madness – no one cares anymore, and show some stuff during Toy Fair. Waiting for SDCC is ridiculous. No one cares about secrecy anymore. This didn't happen. It continues to be a farce.
• Have a great lineup for Epsiode 9 - Nope
• A 6 inch scale Indiana Jones line - Nope - this was an unrealistic stretch.
• 6 inch scale Black Series for GI Joe – it’s long overdue, and regardless how militant the 3-3/4’ collectors are – everything has been done and the line needs some energy injected into it - still hoping, but no - rumors of an Evergreen toyline are out there.
• Marvel Legends – finish the original Alpha Flight team – really, that’s all I want. Marvel Legends rocks. A few more Netflix Daredevil figures would be great while you’re at it. - HEY - we got the Alpha Flight team. Totally thought that was a fantasy.

• Keep up the great work with the Jurassic Park line. Maybe a few more human figures and stop short packing them. Thanks!  Love the Brachiosaurus.

• Bring back 5 inch Walking Dead line. Of course not.
• Do a 5 inch Fear the Walking Dead line.  That ship has sailed but there are a few great characters. Nope.
• Keep doing Stranger Things figures. Nancy and Jonathan please. Two from Season 3. Yawn.
• If you’re going to do Game of Thrones, please release more than Series 1. Not yet. One repaint.
• Do your WW2 McFarlane Military figures. Nope.
• Stop the NFL repaints of the same figures. At least do different players, I don’t care if it is the same mold. The repaints stopped. So did the entire line. Was looking forward to Khalil Mack and Patrick Mahomes.

• More Marines from Aliens – which means the actors need to resolve to release their likenesses. Nope
• The rest of the soldiers from the original Predator – ditto above. Ditto - nope.

• Bring back Walking Dead mini-figures. Need Negan and his crew. And now we have Whisperers. - Sadly no.
• More 3-3/4 scale Game of Thrones figures – so much potential. Nada.

• Figures from the Dark Crystal series - YES YES YES
• Finish the Goonies and Star Trek - nope
• Original Battlestar Galactica figures - nope
• Red Dawn figures (Original Red Dawn) - this was a stretch, but yes, they are coming, or preorders are teased on Entertainment Earth
• Friends  - the tv show - no, but still hoping

Chicken Fried Toys
• Finally release your Dime Novel Legends figures – Kickstarter ended in 2016. I know we are close. Just want my western figures. - GOT THEM. They are incredible.

• Release Series 3 and 4 of Heroes – or place these in Blake Wright’s Toys That Time Forgot Volume 3 - nope!

• 6 inch scale Indiana Jones line - of course not
• Someone finish releasing the Bridge Direct Hobbit figures - ditto
• Someone good with a 3D printer make more GI Joe Combat Heroes - will pursue this
• Finish Palisades Muppets and Sesame Street line - sadly, never

• Muppets - nope
• Disney Tinkerbell and her buddies - nope

• Friends - nope

• More Dino Wranglers from the Primal Clash line - so far, no

Four Horsemen – don’t change. Keep doing your wonderful stuff. And when is the Mythic Legion Space series coming? - They keep doing wonderful stuff.

Playmobil – keep doing what you are doing or try a few more licenses – Star Wars?  How cool would that be.

Toys R Us – come back but make sure your previous owners and investors are in jail. Unfortunately no.

Target and Walmart - they continue to be worthless disasters
• Fix your distribution as well as fill in the empty spaces of your toy aisle
• Restock after Christmas – geez, you’re starting to look like KMart

Walgreens – keep doing Walking Dead figures – thank you! Didn't happen but hey we got Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar finally.

Playset Magazine – thank you for continuing to do print. Love it! Still going strong.

Fellow Bloggers – keep doing what you are doing. Even though technology changes the audience and channel, and even if I don’t always comment, I love seeing what everyone is up to. We lost a few bloggers to Instagram and Facebook. I've been tempted as well. For the time being, will keep this up.

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