Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Marvel Famous Covers - Series 1

Once again, I bought a few of these in the late 90s/early 2000s, mostly on clearance from Kaybee. I never took them out of the package. I probably had about ten of these. There are a total of 34 sets, not including the X-Men movie figures. Anyway, this new collection was prompted by an interesting chain of events.

On Instagram, I've been following: bbeekman73. He mentioned he did the back cover art for the World's Greatest Toy Digest magazine, produced by mego_toy_talk. I always enjoyed Mego figures, but rarely bought any. I purchased all his back issues. It got me thinking about the Marvel Famous Covers. So I purchased an Iron Man and posted on Instagram. That led me to receiving a reply from Carbon Scoring who mentioned he did a full video on all the Marvel Famous Covers.

This led me to buying nearly the whole line. Most I purchased under $10, several were $5 due to box damage. These were actually over 9 inches each, so much bigger than their original Mego counterparts. These are a lot of fun when removing from the boxes. The packaging art is also stellar. 

Here is Series 1 - Spider Man, Green Goblin, Storm and Yellow Wolverine.


  1. Nice! Love the Spidey and Green Goblin.

    1. Yeah - they did a nice job with this first wave. Goblin's sky sled is pretty awesome.