Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Death Star Playset - Jumbo Kenner Prototype

With Gentle Giant releasing the 12 inch retro jumbo "Kenner" style action figures, I had this evil idea of building a scale Death Star Playset, just like the vintage set for the smaller figures. This is the prototype. After getting this far, I need to shift and use the foam board shapes to trace onto wood, and cut the wood.

Also, I figured the large cardboard tube used for concrete shaping isn't tall enough...will have to figure out a way to get the tractor beam machine and the top floor/cannon added.

Materials so far:

Three pieces of 36 x 26 foam board from art and craft store: $15
Cardboard tube for concrete pouring: Loew's: $11
Thick styrofoam blocks...1.5 inch by 20 inch by 12 inch: $27

The styrofoam blocks were used for the base walls and the columns. They weren't as strong as I though they would be. I used a box temporarily for the trash compactor.

Photo 1: Materials with Blue Snags and old death star for reference.

Photo 2: Build first "floor".

Photo 3: First level cut including garbage chute.

Photo 4: Drawing second floor.

Photo 5: Second floor cut.

All three floors cut.

Starting the elevator shaft.

Ground floor entry way cut.

Side by side: Elevator, trash compactor, first floor next to original.

Connecting first floor to elevator shaft door.


Ground floor panels made of thick styrofoam. Box used as trash compactor for now.

Second floor columns and floor added. Not as sturdy as I hoped it would be.

R2, C3PO and Death Squad Commander.

Luke Skywalker and the Princess prepare to swing across the chasm - OK, will need to build that. I have ideas on how I would do that.

Once again, side by side with the original.

The prototype took about two hours. Not sure when I willhave time to cut this in wood yet. May at least paint the elevator and second floor in their darker colors.

To be continued...


  1. Oh man, I hope you finished this. What an awesome idea! That thing has to be enormous.

  2. Never finished it but kept the pieces. One of these days, I will rebuild with sturdier materials.

  3. HAHA! It is on my list to build with steel one day. Good job!