Monday, November 12, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro Wave 4

I know I promised no more online purchases but I had to complete the Solo Story figure set. Wave 4 was a great set.  Beckett, Val, L3, Quay Tolsite, Solo in Stormtrooper armor, Rio Durant, and the Emperor's Royal Guard. Now, I have no idea why they had to put the ERG in there, but they did. There are 12 figures in the case. There was only one Han and one Tol and two ERGs. All the rest of the figures had two. Not sure why they couldn't just double up on Han and Quay.

Oh well. Awesome figures. Will be working to photo the entire Solo Story collection shortly.


  1. These turned out quite well. I actually just got the newest series of Black Series figures in the mail and now have the 6 inch Rio, Val, and L3-37 (our Han in Mudtrooper gear is coming later this year/ early next year). Now everyone just needs updated Qi'ras in an outfit she actually wears for any period of time in the film.

    1. Looking forward to the 6 inch figures as well. Awesome that you got them. Yeah - Qi'ra in her black and red cape on Kessel would be awesome.