Friday, November 2, 2018

Orcs, Elves and Skeletons - more Mythic Legions 2 Goodness

A few more photos of the new Mythic Legions Kickstarter Series 2 Advent of Decay.

These things are awesome!


  1. Man I want the female skeleton but I cant make heads or tails from that page they have .Like I have to donate 1600$ to get that single skeleton ? Call me old fashioned but I like being able to pick what I want and simply pay for it.

    1. Yeah, I like these too but my gosh is it complex to pick these up. BBTs has singles available but lines like this, Zombie Lab, Vitruvian Hacks, and Dime Novel Legends are just too confusing to get into.

  2. Certainly the Kickstarter campaign gets the series off the ground, and you can choose individuals during the campaign. They'll eventually release them all on their store website -

  3. So dope!The paint apps are on point!