Saturday, May 25, 2019

Star Wars Black Series Update - Battle Droid and Jump Trooper

Managed to finally find one of those damn Battle Droids. A pain to find and a pain to stand up. Seriously Lucas, did you not realize this design was going to be a problem with the toys for the last 20 years. Ugh.

Anyway - I will be very hesitant to build Battle Droid armies for dioramas.

The Gamestop Exclusive Jump  Trooper is pretty darn cool. Fits in well with the rest of the armies.

Even here I have him leaning against a wall. Pathetic.


  1. Same with most female figures.Well, the 3 3/4 ones anyways.Its so hard to keep them standing.

  2. Found a Phantom Menace Battle Droid not that long ago and picked him up for around $1. Always thought these guys looked cool. For all the crap Episode 1 got, it did have some nice character designs.