Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Jazwares Fortnite Target Exclusive 5 Pack

I usually don't go for the repaints, but this set had me hooked immediately. Although Drift and Raptor were straight repacks, I liked the repaints of the Skull Trooper (in green), Brainiac, and Spooky Team Leader.

Spooky Team Leader is obviously a repaint of Cuddle Team Leader and Brainiac is a repaint of Jonesy. And you can never have too many Skull Troopers, especially in different colors.


  1. That's a cool set. I hate to see straight repacks but I love the repaints in here. The repacks are even more weird because the three new figures are clearly horror/ Halloween themed. Why not go all in with that theme, right?

    1. Didn't even think about the Halloween connection. Nice catch. True - mo reason why they couldn't have repainted Drift and Raptor as well.