Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Thanos is Coming - to Declutter My House

A few weeks ago I was looking to declutter my house and get rid of some stuff. A year or so ago, Marie Kondo was big as the guru of decluttering. Here is her website and method. Long story short, start with getting rid of clothes, then books, then paperwork, then miscellaneous items, then sentimental items. Start with the non-emotional items, then get to the (emotional-sentimental) nostalgia stuff. I already made it through the clothing, books and miscellaneous.

Since toy collecting is very nostalgic for me, this method makes sense. Anyway, I prefer the Thanos method - get rid of 50% of everything. It's not going to happen (50% that is) but I am getting rid of a bunch of stuff - either via Ebay, donate to Good Will or donate to you.

So if anyone wants any of these items, don't be bashful. Shoot me an email on  No charge for the item or shipping. If no takers by Saturday, it's going to Good Will. 

Funko Sci Fi Minigifs, Star Wars Hot Wheels and some 6 inch DC action figures.

More to come later.

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