Saturday, April 19, 2014

NECA Aliens - Hudson - Xenomorph 2 Pack

NECA did a great thing last year....coming out with 6 inch, detailed versions of Hudson and Hicks from the movie Aliens. Series 1 included the two Colonial Marines and a brown tinted Alien. In order to expand on the offerings, without having to invest in new molds and manufacturing resources, two 2-packs were released in the last few months.

The 2 packs include Hicks-battle damaged Xenomorph and now a Hudson-battle damaged Xenomorph. Each of the Marines in the 2 packs now includes a helmet as well as a different face sculpt.

The Hudson-Xenomorph 2 Pack is now hitting the shelves at Toys R Us. It is a nice set and will go well with building a Marine-Xenomorph army.

Here's hoping NECA releases some more Marines. If we only get two (three if you include Windrix), that would be a shame. However, I'll take what I can get.

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