Thursday, May 22, 2014

League Assignment - James, Jimmy, Jimbo…

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

This week's assignment is James, Jimmy, Jimbo....

...but I think I am going to rebel and say Jacqueline, Jane, Jill.

There are plenty of action figures out there whose names start with James or Jim, but I thought of taking the J in a different direction.

GI Jane - Helicopter Pilot

Jill Masterson from Goldfinger

Jacqueline - Villain - Terrorist - from 21st Century Toys

Jane Austen action figure

Jane West

Jean Grey - I could probably list 100 Jean Grey figures but will keep it to one.

Jill from Charlie's Angels

Jill Valentine - Resident Evil

Painkiller Jane

I hesitated putting Mary Jane Watson in the list. Did I miss anyone? Jane Foster?

Other Leaguers have their say:

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