Thursday, May 22, 2014

Very late League Assignment - Yo Joe!

This week….no…last week’s assignment…I am so late on this…was Yo Joe to mainly celebrate the GI Joe Real American Hero line.

I used to have the vintage Joes and have collected a few since then – thank you Ebay.

Instead of toys, I think I will take a look at a few reference books to honor Joe and the gang.

I've picked up a few books over the years. This Ultimate Guide by Mark Bellomo is fantastic. I have the second edition as well. Wish a third edition would come out to capture everything since 1994.

This reference guide focuses on the 12 inch Joes from the 60s-70s primarily.

A great reference guide from a UK collector of Action Man.

Cool manual I stumbled across a few months ago. Great sketches of all the cartoon characters.

A book about the history of the whole Joe project at Hasbro.

A books put together by a fellow collector using 12 inch "Joes" got ultra-realistic in the late 90s, 2000s.

More custom reference guide of 12 inch "Joes."

30th Anniversary salute.

A very special book. Gianni Lopergolo was a photographer for Hasbro. He created many dioramas and photographed them which were used in Hasbro advertisements. His photography included Joes, Star Wars and Marvel superheroes. He was a master of his craft. Unfortunately, he passed on too early due to ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. This book is a collection of his photos for Hasbro and was used to raise money for the ALS foundation.

Other Leaguers:

Las Vegas Yankee has some interesting cross over dioramas.


  1. I have the reference guide by Mark bellman and it is excellent. Have you seen his youtube videos about his collection? He has a lot of stuff!
    I might need to track down that 12" guide. I don't collect that size of figure but come across the accessories fairly often -- it would be nice to know what to look for!

    1. I have not seen his YouTube videos. Will have to check them out. Thanks!

  2. Bellamo not bellman -- stupid autocorrect. ;)

    1. There could be worse auto-corrects. Mark is coming out with a vintage Star Wars guide - coming in November.