Monday, August 11, 2014

League Assignment - TOP 10

League Assignment.

Top 10!

My top 10 is about my Top 10 toys as a kid that were not Star Wars or GI Joe.

10. Playskool Sesame Street blocks. Not sure why this made such an impression but I still remember it.

9. Fisher Price Sesame Street – it was just cool for a 4 year old.

8. Weebles Wobbles Treehouse – cool sculpting

7. Six Million Dollar Man Repair Station – the rubber arm skin, the bionic plates, and a repair station that turns into a rocket.

6. Giant Tinker Toys – my brother and I made more weapons with these than one can possibly imagine.

5. Big Trac – won this at my dad’s company summer picnic. Only thing I think I’ve ever won.

4. Starbird – random Christmas gift. Oh so cool.

3. Marx Navarone – Marx playsets go vertical. This one was hard to beat.

2. Mattel Shogun Rodan – random gift, and rare to boot. Today, this toy commands top dollar.

1. Mattel Shogun Godzilla – Not as rare as Rodan, but so much fun. Fist shoots off, flicking tongue, and wheels on the feet to get around. And a winning smile.

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