Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Austin Miniatures Western Figures

I've posted before about my love of "army men playsets" from Marx, Barszo (, Conte ( and Toy Soldiers of San Diego ( But there is a new player in town.

The company is called Austin Miniatures:

The first set of Cowboys can be ordered in two different colors - grey or buck skin. If you take a close look, some of these Cowboys look strangely familiar - characters from Tombstone and The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Austin miniatures also released a new set of WWII Marines - Each bag consists of 12 figures from six poses.

But the REALLY cool part of their product line is the western town buildings. Their buildings include the Two Story Saloon with Awning ($120), Two Story Saloon with Balcony ($120), Corner Building ($120), Livery ($125), Church ($120), Jail ($100), One Story Saloon ($100), General Store ($100) and Undertaker building ($100). They look awesome and they have a hefty price but look fantastic.

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