Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pop Culture Leaguers - You Magnificent Bastards

Once again, I am late to the League party, but this week's PCL challenge from Cool and Collected is:

The local wax museum is having a fire sale, and you have the opportunity to add one life size, life like action figure to your collection. Who do you choose?

House of Wax Challenge

After pondering this question (while sitting at my office desk), I wondered who could most inspire and instill fear into the hearts of my fellow employees.  There is only one life size hero I could think of: George Patton - and more importantly, George Patton played by George C. Scott, who was a better George Patton than George Patton.

Not only would I want the wax figure, I would also want to implement some voice chips and animatronics. To instill fear by slapping people for cowardice would be one action feature of this life size action figure.

But more importantly, when someone did something great, he would yell out...

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