Friday, September 30, 2016

ReAction The Nightmare Before Christmas - Series 2

After some quiet time on the ReAction front, a new series just got released. If you loved the first Nightmare Before Christmas set, this will be an awesome addition to your collection. Two new Jack Skellingtons, and four new figures, especially my favorite - Oogie Boogie. Somewhere out there, there is a glow in the dark variant Oogie Boogie. Pretty darn cool. Excellent sculpting and fun figures.


  1. I just picked up Oogie yesterday, I love him.

    1. Hey Alexis - where did you find him? I ordered all of these on BBTS. Hoping to find the glow in the dark Oogie!

    2. Toys R Us but I have seen other reaction lines at places like F.Y.E., Booksamillion, and even though we don't have one I have heard that Barnes and Nobles carries them as well. Good luck, I want to find him someday as well!