Thursday, September 8, 2016

Star Wars Black Series Toys R Us Droid 3 Pack

This came out of nowhere. Announced around SDCC, this Toys R Exclusive Droid 3 pack is a pretty neat set. If you are into collecting droids or building droid armies, this is for you. You can never have enough R2 units....unless you're a Jawa. By the way, when are we getting Black Series Jawas Hasbro?

I wish the R5 unit was painted like R5D4 and a R2KT would have been cool as well. Time to customize?


  1. I'm presuming these are 3.75" size based on the wasted box space? I don't know who the genius was that thought calling the 3.75" and 6" lines the same thing was a good idea.

    1. Dex - these are part of the 6 inch line; and yes, what a pain to have the same naming convention. They did the same damn thing with Marvel Universe (3-3/4) and Marvel Legends (6). Guess they went with whatever was selling the best.