Thursday, May 21, 2020

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Quarantine Movie and Toy Review

First of all, Happy 40th birthday Empire Strikes Back. ESB was released on May 21, 1980. Largely celebrated as the best of the original trilogy and therefore the entire saga, I would have to agree.

So let's go with the rankings.

1. The Empire Strikes Back
4. Solo

What I Liked:
1. Hoth  - everything about it. The snow planet, the Tauntauns, the Wampa, the snowspeeders, the AT-ATs, the battle in the snow. You name it. It was awesome.
2. Dagobah - and Yoda. Brilliant. Slimy mudhole and all. It was fantastic.
3. Bespin - for years I thought Bespin was cool but kind of meh. In the past few years, I've come to love the Bespin part of the movie as much as Hoth.
4. Lando - like Bespin, over the years, the complex character known as Lando has become one of my favorites. Was happy to see him in The Rise of Skywalker.
5. The toys - everything. Couldn't wait to get the TaunTaun and Hoth Han. And Hoth Rebel Trooper, and Hoth Rebel Commander and all the rest. Only about two years ago did I buy the Hoth Rebel Transport ship and "carrying case" and I love that too.

What I Didn't Like:

Exactly. There was nothing not to like, other than maybe expanding the Hoth battle some more. Show some Snowtroopers and Hoth Rebel Troopers throwing down in the trenches.

In honor of the ESB, here are the 40th Anniversary Black Series figures that were just released. This is Wave 1. Wave 2 is on its way. All of these have been released before.

And here are some random 3-3/4 figures that have been released over the years that weren't part of the original Kenner lineup.

The spirit Obi-Wan was a Frito-Lay proof of purchase mail-away offer.


  1. At the very least I would have hoped, "Leia sucking the tonsils out of her brother's throat," would have made the dislike list. I mean, come on. You can't tell me that's not a cringe moment in light of what we know from Return of the Jedi.