Sunday, January 13, 2019

NFL Division Round - Sunday Prognostications

Not sure what happened yesterday. My picks actually won. Wish that could have happened last week, especially with the Bears game.

Anyway - Sunday's game.

First - Chargers 21 - Patriots 28. 

Originally I was going to pick the Chargers but the weather is miserable along the east coast and a San Diego/LA team may not fair as well in the not so fair weather.  Hoping for a Chargers win. Would like to see Rivers get to the Super Bowl.

Here are some current Patriots players. Of course, Brady having been on the team since McFarlane first started their NFL line up in 2001, I have about 20 Brady figures. They just keep coming.

The second game of the day.  Eagles at the Saints.

My pick: Eagles 17 - Saints 30.  

I think the Foles magic runs out today, only because Brees is going to light up the scoreboard.

Interesting piece of trivia I heard this week.  Brees and Foles both went to the same high school. Both are Super Bowl MVPs. This is the first time two Super Bowl MVPs who went to the same high school will play each other in a playoff game. How's that for bragging rights.

Like Brady, there are a ton of Brees figures from McFarlane, including his San Diego and Purdue days.  I didn't fish them all out though.

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