Thursday, January 3, 2019

What a Piece of Junk! - No Really!

I don't want to start off 2019 by complaining, but I finally got my hands on the new Millenium Falcon from the Solo Story. I waited until it dropped from $100+ to $29. I get a new figure in my collection ($10) and get $19 of laughter for the size and cheapness of this...thing.  Now, when Luke first called it a piece of junk, we didn't realize we would come to love the ship more than anything else.

There was the original Kenner Falcon which was awesome. There was the BIG Millenium Falcon - that was a piece of art.

And then there is this. Smaller than the Falcon carrying case with room enough to squeeze a figure in lying on its side.  I mean really. Hasbro - aren't you ashamed? Though I've uncovered a few articles about the economics of having the Star Wars license so we shouldn't be surprised.

So immerse yourself in this heinous crime of galactic proportions. Or have a good laugh.

BIG vs Solo Story - Side by Side

BIG vs Solo - Overlay Comparison

BIG Falcon cockpit - seats 4

Solo Falcon - might lay one figure in there if you jam it well enough.

BIG vs Solo vs Hasbro Carrying Case

BIG vs Solo vs Galactic Heroes Falcon

All Four side by side

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