Sunday, January 6, 2019

NFL Wild Card Weekend - Sunday Prognostications

Well, I was wrong on both picks yesterday, which provides me with a dilemma. Do I go the opposite way of which way I think or hope today's games should end. Very problematic as I am rooting for Da Bears.

Anyway, Game 1 today - LA Chargers at the Baltimore Ravens.

My Pick: Ravens 21 - Chargers 17.

Baltimore has a killer defense and quietly dismantled their opponents this year with that defense and rookie sensation Lamar Jackson at quarterback.  Hoping McFarlane makes a Jackson figure next year. In the meantime, they still have Joe Flacco as their back up quarterback.

OK - here is the nerve wracking game of the day in my household.  Philadelphia Eagles at the Chicago Bears.  They say defense wins championships. Bears have the best defense in the league but a young quarterback. Philly got hot at the end of the year with their end of season miracle worker - backup QB Nick Foles. Philly also has a great defense though they struggled at the beginning of the year.

My pick: Chicago 29 - Philadelphia 17.  I am guessing 29 points because Chicago's kicker COdy Parkey set a record this year for hitting the uprights during kicks.  Four in one game.

Check this out: Parkey hits the uprights four times vs the Lions

Because the Bears have sucked for awhile, we don't have any current players from McFarlane so I am going back to the original Brian Urlacher (2018 Hall of Fame) and Brandon Marshall, the last figure McFarlane gave us from Chicago.


  1. deep breaths and GO BEARS I really hope that "young quarterback" shows the world he is the real deal this year.

    1. Tru-bearsky got the job done. The kicker did not. Heartbreaking!

      I went 0-4 on my picks so whatever I pick next week, choose the opposite in Vegas.