Friday, January 11, 2019

NFL Divisional Round - Saturday Prognostications

If you read my previous posts, I went 0-4 in my playoff picks. What does that mean? It means, whoever I pick, go to Vegas, and pick the opposite.

Anyway, these are my picks for Saturday.

Cowboys 21 - Chiefs 34

McFarlane hasn't given us a Chief player in awhile, so I hope we can expect a Patrick Mahomes figure next year - throw in a Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce and we'll be caught up.  In the meantime, here is Joe Montana and Jamaal Charles.

For the second game, it's the Dallas Cowboys visiting the LA Rams in the LA Colosseum.

My pick - Cowboys 17 - Rams 31

We've had some good representation from McFarlane for both these teams. You have Goff and Gurley from the Rams, and Elliot and Prescott from the Cowboys.

Remember, head to Vegas and pick the Colts and Cowboys. Bet on it.


  1. Thank you for not picking the Cowboys 😀

    1. DOH! Sorry about that. My mojo must have reversed.

    2. Oh man! Now both my teams are out.

    3. Sorry - my teams are out too. Hoping for a Saints - Chiefs Super Bowl.