Thursday, September 16, 2021

Action Figure Pop Art - MOTU, GI Joe, and Kenner Indiana Jones

For those who read my blog, you've seen my Kenner Star Wars painted portraits. Now that I've finished that set, I am trying my hand at others. First are two main characters from Masters of the Universe and then GI Joe. These I did for Toybox.

By the way, if you are a regular reader of my blog (there's about five of you), feel free to send me a wishlist of four figures you'd like me to paint for you. Either in the comment box or I'm looking at you Dex, Big Tone, SpydaMan, Alexis and Action Figure BBQ.

Anyway - here are the four I did for ToyBox. He-Man, Skeletor, Duke and Cobra Commander.

With that, I set out to do the Kenner Indiana Jones line from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here they are.

I'm doing the final touches of Monkey Man and Indy in Cairo Disguise from the Map Room playset.


  1. So cool, I love these! How about Mattel Secret Wars

    Captain America
    Black suit Spidey
    Iron Man

    I can send you figure pics If you need something to go off of 😉

  2. Wicked cool...but thanks for leaving me out of the list of wanters. JERK! :)

    1. You already got yours! :-P

    2. Yeah, but I still want a Marshall Bravestarr and Tex Hex.

    3. First four are free. $25 for each one after that.