Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Funko Pop - Office Space Collection

If you haven't seen the movie Office Space, stop what you are doing right now (including working - you'll appreciate it more) and watch it right now. Released in 1999 and starring Ron Livingstone and Jennifer Anniston, Office Space is a dead on parody of what goes on in the world of corporate cubicles. It is a timeless classic. I watched it....again...last year, the day after I was laid off from my job right before the pandemic. And you'll never look at a jammed printer the same way again.

Finding this set is probably what tipped me over to grabbing a few Funko Pops now and then, even as much as I couldn't stand to see the sight of them everywhere. Gotta hand it to Funko - how they get the license rights to all these properties is brilliant.

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