Thursday, October 21, 2021

Plastic Meatball Kellogg's Cereal Figures

First of all, it's pretty cool that Plastic Meatball was able to get the licensing from Kellogg to make these awesome figures. I found these on Instagram and they are a great price. The first line up includes Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Dig 'Em.  Someone on Instagram also mentioned an indy comic book called Breakfast of the Gods which includes all your cereal characters from the 70s and 80s.

Pretty cool that each activity has an activity.


  1. Pure Awesomeness! So many possibilities with these. I can't wait to see what the picture is once you connect the dots on the back of the Toucan Sam card lol! Seriously, though, great pick ups. This is my first time hearing about Plastic Meatball.

    1. Same here. Just happened to run across it on Instagram. So cool.

  2. These are really fun. I see from that link that they've only made three so far, hopefully they'll do some more.